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Corporación Alimentaria Guissona, S.A.
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With more than 55 years of experience, the "GROUP GUISSONA", has been growing in the Food-Processing European sector, developing livestock farmer, industrial activities and the necessary channels of the distribution to satisfy our client's needs.

The achievement of the complete cycle "from the farm to the fork" has been the permanent challenge of the organization. Nowadays, the Group realizes all the processes of the food chain, from the cereals cultivate, hatching poultry and livestock, manufacture feed, fattening and sacrifice, up to transformation and the production of our products, satisfying our customers needs, across all the channels of distribution, included the sale to the final consumer, by means the network of our own shops "bonÀrea" with 400 shops located in Spain.

Inside the "GROUP GUISSONA ", you will find, Agropecuaria de Guissona, S.Coop. Ltda., that with the cooperative partner's membership are the origin of the group, and realize the primary activities (the young and the fattening). On the other hand, Corporación Alimentaria Guissona S.A., realizes the industrial activities and the commercialization of the group.

   • Volume of sales: 1,463 million Euros
   • Staff: 4.071
   • Production Volume of Carnic Products: 381.000 metrics / tons

Mr. Ramon Duran Sales Manager (Pork, Beef and Lamb)
Mr. Antonio Alsina Sales Manager (Poultry)
Mr. Antonio Cunye Sales Manager (Manufactured Products)
Mrs. Montse Murcia Sales Export Department

Catalog - Food Products

Introducción - Introduction
Cerdo - Pork
Cerdo ibérico - Iberian pork
Ternera - Veal
Avicultura - Poultry products
Elaborados cárnicos - Manufactered products
Líquidos - Liquids products

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